Sunday, September 19, 2010

So just dance

I feel I am pretty productive recently, though still have pressure to get papers published. It's already Sep. I got one rather good work rejected, mainly because they feel the topic is not so right to their journal. I have another finished work under modification. I have another rejected paper ready to polish. I just finished the work for GAW 17. Of course, I have some other collaborating works going.

It looks everything is busy, but I need to push them, make progress and get things done. Hard work, sadness, mixed of hope. Sometimes, I feel I can't keep things alive, and just want to have a good break. But who can't tell that everyone who keeps good wishes is not experiencing the similar feeling.

A moment of numb. Maybe, I can just ignore the details. Have a moment of peace, with my little sweet man, to listen to the piano. So why not just dance, and maybe you may find you can be just ok or just be wonderful without the need of counting the good and the bad.

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