Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Attitude to Life

Rather moody these days. Guess I can put my thoughts and views into a drama if I like. Still, the words here can only be the abstract and summary words. Usually, when such words means (1) a wise, (2) no time to write out the whole story, or (3) something that's better not to say directly. Guess I can never be a wise, but want to write something which is actually rather scattered.

I experienced a bunch of things in the last month. In addition to attending two meetings, I visited back to China after so many years. A lot of feelings especially when I saw my family. Met my old classmates and friends. Saw many faces and new phenomenon.

Then I'm back. Put aside the feeling about back to China now. I want to only ask one question here: what's the people pursuing in their life?

When I tried to cheer for the constructive future for my classmates during one of our dinning meetings, one of high school classmate stood up and said: let's be happy once we live one day. My high school teacher said, we live for our families now when we're in forties. I guess I carried such questions until today when I'm back. When I sat alone by myself at my office, my work room, I actually don't want to say the cheerful words during the dinning meeting ---"let's do something meaningful to everyone of us, to this society, and to our next generation...", I just want to ask myself which is hidden in the corner of my heart, what do you want for your life?

Guess the best ending is to stop here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Copy a poem that I read before

Love a sad poem that I read long time ago (http://www.rpi.edu/~jix/disclaimer.html), and copy it here.

The furthest distance in the world

Translated by muyv

The furthest distance in the world
Is not between life and death
But when i stand in front of you
Yet you don't know that I love you

The furthest distance in the world
Is not when i stand in font of you
Yet you can't see my love
But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both
Yet cannot be together

The furthest distance in the world
Is not being apart while being in love
But when plainly can not resist the yearning
Yet pretending you have never been in my heart

The furthest distance in the world
Is not (you have never been in my heart)[1]
But using one's indifferent heart
to dig an uncrossable river
for the one who loves you