Sunday, October 17, 2010

The impression of GAW 17

An interesting thing happened at the first day of GAW 17 presentation. The group discussing collapsing methods announced that the collapsing methods don’t work. Two questions come out quickly. One is from Qunyuan Zhang (working with Michael Province). He basically asked whether such announcement is proper since so many works about collapsing methods have done and published. We also got pretty good results using collapsing schemes, so I asked another question, did your group members test on pathway level? If not, whether it’s because of the problem of collapsing methods or the genetic units.
Now, it turns out people are interesting on the tests using signaling pathways. Actually we did the tests on SNPs and Genes level, we didn’t get good results except two genes either. We didn’t do type I error and power tests because of the tight timeline. So two groups are interested in asking me to join in now. I may join the group with more signaling pathways based approaches to see whether I can get more helpful information.
The good part of the meeting is that people are working on the same dataset and you can see the position of your work among people. The bad part of the meeting with many junior discussants is that they can make some rather basic mistakes.
It seems most found only FLT1 and/or KDR which can be found using Plink. We detected these two genes significantly as well. In general, our work maybe among one of the qualified ones. People are crowed in front of our poster until the late of the next session.

The rest day is much easier since the similar works are distributed among the different topics. The impressive one is that Robert Elston and one group presented their work using the style similar "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" Another group used cartoon movie which is very interesting. Good to meet and communicate with all types of people who are working with you in the same field.

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