Monday, December 20, 2010

Live in Grace

There is a path to the paradise for everyone. In daily life, we are busy. "So we just work until we die?", as a bee asked in "bee movie". I guess it looks like so. Busy-works make lives, but also may lose yourself.

When you stood among people, you can find that some faces are cheerful because of promotion, love, or youthful innocence, and some faces are light-less because of burden, work, or broken heart? What do you want to look like? An energetic and charming person? Only the appearance attraction to cheer up people's eyes like the role of a celebrity or super model, or just a moment of enchanting for yourself?

Once upon for a time, we are educated to be grace. We need walk stably without peeking, we need eat quietly, and we need to talk slowly without loud laugh. There is a picture for the little ones that something wonderful in their mind. What are "the wonderful" things and how "wonderful"? Always unlimited imagination space to lead you work for it.

I am fascinated in the essence instead of superficies. People are easy entertained by eyes, and beautiful things are lovely. However, I questioned how much happiness and satisfaction A GRACE OUTSIDE can bring to people. Anything has double sides. The most beautiful face is usually the one wearing the enchanting smile from inside to outside. However, THE GRACE INSIDE needs a strong heart.

I don't want to say, hi, let's live in grace, no matter what happened in your life. Everything can be easy to say than done. I just want to say that, when you lose yourself in life, remember to strive for grace.

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