Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take and Give

I seldom admire someone, but the grace words from a lady before the end of her life really touched my heart. I felt not only the calm and grace attitude facing the death, but a strong heart that embraces a lot of loves and also has such a capability to give. A heart that is capable to give makes her last life so beautiful. Many people may be used to take, but seldom think to give. Or may put it a lower priority. Frustration may appear then.

The marriage vows during the wedding are the beautiful wishes for every couple who possess love from the starting point. Yet the glamor may fade as more true colors of life appear. Difference to the dream may produce all types of additional dramas among people. The more you require yourself, the more you want from your love and life. However, you don't want to deny that people do possess love, no matter what.

Maybe, free each other a little bit. Not always think of what you can get, but how much you can give. The hot energies in this world will be exponentially increased (do some math...) hahahaha...The ones with love are always blessed!

Bless the free hearts!

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