Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Worship of love

Admire myself so much that more intensive works more entertainments. I found that the lyric of a song is touching with something (admire myself again. long time no listen to Chinese song).

Worship of Love
Note: I didn't know who is the original translator, please let me know if you know.

Holding you in hands.
Pious incense.
Cut out a line of candlelight.
Light statesmanship.
Do not hope to be classical.
Only want to fall in love.
Finally, wounded in love.
Have been crying in despair.

I worship you with my whole life.
Only want you to glance at me.
Please bestow the power of infinite love and be loved on me.
Let me to meditate contentedly in quiet under linden.

Put you in hands.
Fold palms.
Beg heavens silence.
Please guide me the direction.
Do not hope the love everlasting.
Only want you to stay with me.
Tired, drunk in your arms.
Gently sing Buddhist.

I worship you with my whole life.
There are so many vexations to forget in the world.
Your face of old days drifting on sea of bitterness.
When I look back, I found I had been far away.

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