Friday, May 20, 2011

Till death do us part

  Always, the phone ringing during midnights alerts me. From the other end of the line was the trembling voice of my younger sister Li, “the diagnosis for dad has come out; his tumor may be malignant…” All of the sudden, my brain went blank. It finally happened. I begged God… “mum didn’t want me to tell you. She is afraid of that you are worried too much abroad, but I think I should let you know…” Pieces of words were transferred to my ears… I didn’t know what I can say, but held my breath a moment and responded, “I’m fine… don’t worry… it’s good that we found it out early… you are the person who can’t carry too much … think for the baby inside you…”. Hanged up the phone, felt so dizzy, closed the door, and then lied down the floor slowly… tired, I felt so tired… tears were poured out quietly.

Everyone has his day, but dad is only in his 50th. To us, he is the heaven. Although over years we tried to prove to him that we have grew up and don’t need his helps anymore, we can never image that one day he won’t be there for us.

Time flies fast. There is one day for everyone of us, for everyone who we loved. I felt this often, maybe for the scare of losing love. If so, why not treating each other nicely, instead of the endless fights?

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