Sunday, July 24, 2011

When beauty decays

I met a BFF since college online. After updated each other, she started a question: "I had the scare in losing beauty sometimes. I even don't feel confident to attend parents' meeting for my son. Did you even have such a scare?"

We met when we are young and super-energetic. I was around many excellent and talent ones. She was one of them -- a very intelligent, lovely, and beautiful lady. I remember one funny experience with her. One summer, we both were selected for grading the paper works for the exams for entering college. During the break in a noon, we went to the newly opened swimming pool in our university. At the time when we were ready to get back to work, one middle age woman came close to us and invited both of us for some beauty contest or activity stuff, though we laughed it away. Later, she studied for her Ph.D. and lived happily in Beijing. Now she is worried about losing her beauty.

I am always numb and seldom think of whether I am beautiful or not. I don't even feel more good aspects than troubles out of this. Now I asked myself: did I ever scare in losing youth and beauty? Yes or no, but I responded after a short pause: Everyone wishes to be beautiful forever, but I don't care that much inside. I care more the inner peace, wise, and the ability to love. I don't care whether people remember my face or not when I die; I do care what I can leave to my family and this society. Beauty plays only two important roles to me: cheer up myself and the one I love!

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